Edgell Plant Based


100% NOT is moving to Edgell. New look, s­ame grea­t t­aste!

Over the next few months you will see the 100% NOT branded products transition to the highly credentialed vegetable brand, Edgell. Edgell was established back in 1926, when Gordon Edgell planted his first crop at Bathurst in NSW and, since then, the team at Edgell has continued to focus on delivering consistently high quality and great tasting products every time! The 100% NOT products that you have grown to love are in safe hands with Edgell.


And, as pointed out by David White, Executive Chef at Simplot Australia, “Edgell has a long history in Australia of growing and processing the highest-quality vegetables. We are using this vast expertise to ensure that we bring to market the very best quality plant-based protein. The move of the 100% NOT range of plant-based protein to the Edgell brand will ensure that the quality of our range is maintained and is continually enhanced with innovation valued by our customers. Rest assured our plant-based protein products will continue to perform and taste to the same high standard with no impact to you or your customers.”


At Edgell, we always keep striving to keep our edge, to make sure you always have yours.

100%NOT to Edgell